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Quotation Wizard Questionnaire

Our Quotation Wizard helps provide us with a rough guess of the extent of the damage to direct you quickly to the correct department and PDR technicians for a more efficient PDR quotation.

Please note, at this point, in the interests of privacy and your choice of repair, this questionnaire does not ask for registration number of vehicle. We are just attempting to assist customers to the next step.

Hail Dent Damage Decision Questionnaire

Vehicle Information

Photographs of the damage

Insurance Details

Your information

  • Assessing the damage on your vehicle
  • Vehicle Information
  • Photographs of the damage
  • Insurance Details
  • Your information

Light, medium or major damage

How would you describe the damage on your vehicle?

What colour is your vehicle? (eg white, red, blue, or black....)

How many dents on the roof of your vehicle? (Estimate only)

How many dents are on the on bonnet? (Estimate only)

How many dents on the boot? (If applicable)

Vehicle Information

What is the style of your vehicle

What is the age of your vehicle

What is the make and model of your vehicle? (Eg Toyota, Camry)

Photographs of the damage

Optional but helpful Please upload your clear pictures showing dent size, depth and coverage on the panels(maximum 6)

Your Insurance details?

Are you insured?

What is the name of your insurance company? If you are insured?

What is the excess on your vehicle?

Have you already submitted your vehicle for an assessment or quotation?

Your personal information

Your first name

Your surname

Phone Number so we can contact you

Home Address

Email Address


So How much is the Cost of my Hail Repair?

Good question! I personally get asked this all the time! And in every hail storm.

Welcome to paintless dent removal's most asked question - how much will it cost? I counted 20 dents 2 the size of 50 cent coins and the rest only shallow I can hardly see them, Will they cost below my excess?

Yes, the cost of excesses in past year or so have sky-rocketed and this has posed the question: why should I wait 6 months to have my car booked in for hail repair and I am paying $1000 excess! Why can't I choose my own repairer?

I guess with good negotiation with your insurer, you should be able to and we have many enquiries to date to do just that - to quote vehicles and make a decision whether to proceed under the excess pricing or to go through with insurance quotations.

As part of the repair process, repairers should undertake the responsibility of taking on the lifetime warranty on the repair for the ownership of that vehicle.

Quality workmanship, past history and trust are important components in choosing your repairer.

Our team will give you an honest quotation and we can work with you to satisfy your needs and budget. Contact us 0408020468